Sponsors, Members, and Friends of the Santa Fe Playhouse

The Santa Fe Playhouse recognizes the generous support of the following individuals, businesses, foundations, and government donors.

Thanks So Much To Our Members!

Paul Abrams & Abigail Adler
Ann Aceves
Len & Cyndy Alaimo
Albertsons Grocery
Celeste Allerton
Keith Anderson & Barbara Lenssen
Patricia Assimakis
Joan Brooks Baker & Margeaux, An Isis Fund
Jeff & Ronni Ballowe
Eugene Barcone
Laughlin & Rene Barker
Kathy & Steve Belgeri
Robert & Susan Benjamin
John & Barbara Berkenfield
Bruce R. Besser
Sallie Bingham
Harry L. & Ann O. Bixby
Joyce Blalock
Stuart Bluestone
Dorothy Bracey
Beverly J. Brunson
G.A. Bryan
Mary G. Bush
The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission
BR Caldwell & Norma Kearby
Kathleen Caravetta
Ginny Cerrella
Marge Closson
Kathleen & Miller Collins
Sheila Cowing
Hope A. Curtis
Maxine Davenport
Jefferson Davis & Bronwen Denton-Davis
Gloria T. Doran, A Life Member
Louise Drlik
Frances Ott Dunbar
Michael Edelman & Lorraine Haneyko
Nat Eek
EL MESON Restaurant
Sally & Edward Evans
Eliot Gray Fisher
Richard & Lisa Gray Fisher
Richard K. Franz
Rebecca Frenkel
Cliff Fridkis
Gerald Fried
Lois Geary, A Life Member
Lew Geer, honoring the Tarnoffs & Ray Geer
Daniel Gerrity, Jr
Sheila Gershen
Kerby Goforth
Lorraine & Don Goldman
Rita Grant
Sarah C. Grant
Jennifer & Michael Graves
Becky Gould
Katherine L. Hanscom
Wendell & Harriett Harris
Edward Hastings
John S. Hayes Jr.
Pamela D. Hayes
Barbara Hays
Alan & Margaret Hill
Robert C. Hill
Human Rights Alliance of Santa Fe

Thomas & Adelma Hnasko
Maya & Irwin Hoffman
Jeff & Erlinda Howley
Kelly & David Huertas
Bobby G. Huskey
In Fond Memory of
Robert Jerkins & Joseph Paull
Thomas & Carlyn Jervis
Heather Karlson
P.W. Kerry & Gillian Kehoe
Paula and Thomas Keltner, Jr
Richard & Karen Kopel
Howard Korder & Lois Taylor
Linda Krull
Elizabeth H. Lea
Barbara Lehmann
Dr. Barbara Lenssen
Liam Lockhart
Burton & Francine Lyons
Gwyn & Wilson Mason
The McCune Charitable Foundation
Kim & Emma McKinley
Barbara T. Meem
B. Frederick & Rosemary Minard
Donna Minor
James & Ann Moore
Rebecca Morgan
The National Endowment for the Arts
New Mexico Arts, a Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs
Gay Nathan
Paul Neely
Tracie J. Oliver
Etain Huntington O'Malley
Tony Ortiz
Carole Owens
Jack Parsons Photography
Bruce Poster
Rose Provan
Donna Quasthoff
Alan "Skip" B. Rapoport
David Rile
Patricia Quinn & Edward A. Ross
Cliff & Lourdes Russell
Mary Anne & Allen Sanborn
Beatrice & Martin Schultz
Marian & J. Shapiro
Dianne Shinholser
Barbara Somerfield & J Guffey
in Memory of Ruth Benou
Margo Taylor
H.L. Taylor
Robert & Judith Tucker
Verve Gallery of Photography
Wells Fargo Bank
Robin Williams
Linda Wilson
Hugh & Barbara Witemeyer
The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry
Richard & Brenda Yates
Jane & Daniel Yohalem
Alaina W. Zachary in memory of Bill Verderber
Michael Zeilik II

Thank you for your generosity!

The Santa Fe Playhouse is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, and your donations are tax deductible. Your financial support for programming, general operating, or for theatrical / office equipment is needed and greatly appreciated. Help the Playhouse with your generous contributions. If you would like to make a gift or have questions, please contact the Playhouse at (505) 988-4262, email , or write to:

The Santa Fe Playhouse
142 East DeVargas Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Santa Fe Playhouse thanks all friends and sponsors for their continued support!

Please note that every effort is made to list names correctly. If your name is not listed correctly or does not appear, please don't hesitate to call the Playhouse at (505) 988-4262 or so that we may make the necessary corrections.