The Santa Fe Playhouse, established in 1922, is the oldest continuously running theatre west of the Mississippi, located in Santa Fe, NM. A Community Theatre, which produces theatre works of all genres, including new works by local and regional playwrights, is currently seeking a Managing Director to oversee the day-to-day operations of the theatre.

Basic Job Description: The Managing Director will report to the Board of Directors and will work in collaboration with the Artistic Director. The Managing Director is responsible for running the front office of The Santa Fe Playhouse. Must have necessary skills for answering phones, taking reservations, directing calls and emails, maintenance of office and supplies, etc. The Managing Director is responsible for basic and proper maintenance of the Theatre. The Managing Director is also responsible for the day-to-day operations that include, but are not limited to:

Administrative Skills: The Managing Director supervises the production staff, recruits and trains the volunteer staff, and collaborates with the Artistic Director to ensure the optimum balance of artistic quality and fiduciary responsibility. The Managing Director will work closely with the Artistic Director to maximize scheduling of the Season, including Rentals and requests by other companies to use the Theatre or the Second Rehearsal Space.

Financial Responsibilities: The Managing Director is responsible for monthly financial reporting and budget performance, working closely with the Treasurer and other Board Members, as well as the Artistic Director. The Managing Director also oversees the running of the Box Office and ticket sales.

Fundraising/Audience Development: The Managing Director will work with the Artistic Director, the Board and staff to plan and implement audience development activities including public relations and special events for the season and ticket sales campaigns. The Managing Director works with the Board and staff to strategize fundraising activities of the theater, including the research and writing of government and foundation grants.

Advocacy: The Managing Director and the Artistic Director represent the public face of The Santa Fe Playhouse. Therefore, the Managing Director should continually be well informed of all aspects of the Theatre and have the social skills necessary to develop relationships with local business and arts organizations, as well as, the local and social media. The Managing Director serves, with the Artistic Director, as liaisons between the staff and the Board and assists with recruitment, education and development. The Managing Director works closely with Board and its Committees to engage the community in the activities of The Santa Fe Playhouse.

Salary: Base with bonuses

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PROPOSALS FOR 2014-2015 Season of Plays

ATTENTION DIRECTORS: Play proposal packets for SFP's 2014-2015 SEASON OF PLAYS are now available at the theatre or by calling 988-4262 or by emailing

BENCHWARMERS 13 Audience Award Announcement

"It is impossible to choose - they were all good in their own way!"
"Love those Stagehands"
"What a New, Witty, Brave evening in the Theatre!"
"So Santa Fe Original"
"Perhaps the Best Year Yet!"

Audience members took things into their own hands at this year's BenchWarmers 13. Not only did they vote by checking off their favorites, but many took the time to grade them, place them on a scale, and provide thorough critiques. So much positive feedback. From over 800 ballots cast, here are the "Best of the Bench" Audience Award winners:

First Place: Senior Trip by Kelly Huertas
Second Place: From Falling Down by Chadney Everett
Third Place: Hijacked by Lisa Gray Fisher

Congratulations, Playwrights!
And to everyone involved in BenchWarmers 13! The hard work and talent was apparent. We thank all of you as we continue to develop ways to support our community's emerging playwrights!


Dan Gerrity lit up the stage of the Santa Fe Playhouse for many years and served as a member of its board for the last six. In that time, he became the driving force behind the Playhouse's effort to showcase local writing, directing, and acting talent, primarily through the annual Benchwarmers production. He brought tenacious intelligence and exuberant poise to all these efforts, raising the bar - and everyone's expectations - about what community theater could and should be. We at the Playhouse are grateful to have known Dan as an actor, director, producer, mentor, colleague, and above all, friend. Next to the word Presence in anyone's mind is Dan Gerrity. His Loss will be felt not just at "the oldest continuously running theatre west of the Mississippi," but to the Stage and Cinema World at large.

Santa Fe Playhouse

Should you have any questions about auditions, our upcoming season, or would like to become a Playhouse Volunteer, please call 988-4262 or email .