2020 Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama Episode One: What’s Fiesta?

Thanks so much for checking out Episode 1: What’s Fiesta?

This is the first of our series of 6 episodes of this year’s 3rd Annual 99th Annual Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama! We hope you enjoy.

We at the Playhouse need your support. Employing over 30 amazing artists and providing a few laughs to you during this pandemic is an amazing gift we can offer. If you can support us in providing more opportunities for our community, we would be endlessly grateful.


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Episodes will premiere here on this channel weekly, Thursdays at 7:00 PM MST until October 15th, which will be our finale. If you miss any episode, you can find them on Vimeo!

Stay tuned for more episodes! They will get better and better as the weeks go on and the story begins to unfold and develop. We cannot wait for you all to see our heroes and villains on their journey through Santa Fe’s history.

If you aren’t from Santa Fe or don’t get some of the jokes and references, click here for a dramaturgy packet and glossary! Fun facts and introductory info about Santa Fe and New Mexico in general to go hand in hand with Episode 1.

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Thank you so much to our sponsors:

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