Fiesta Melodrama

By: a Courageous Team of Anonymous Writers
September 10 - December 31
Now for Free through the New Year, Check out the re-release of the Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama! We are not sure exactly how long we have been skewering local politicians and issues in the Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama but we do know how to get it done. Written in the style of an “Old West” melodrama, this show will remind you of all the vexatious things that happened in Santa Fe over the last 12 months, speaking truth to power and saying what needs to be said, but most importantly, for all of us to laugh together at ourselves in the spirit of healing. This show is immensely popular, you don't want to miss any moment!
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By: A Collection of Students Across the Nation
December 14 - December 14
Santa Fe Playhouse stands in solidarity in combating Gun Violence in our nation and our schools. On December 14th at 5 PM (MST), in remembrance of the shootings at Sandy Hook, The Santa Fe Playhouse, in co-production with its Young Playwrights Project and Almost Adults Productions will present a digital presentation of plays written by teens from across the nation.
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Good Riddance, 2020!

By: Your Local Community of Talented Performers
December 18 - December 18
Join us in creating this new year-end tradition. The plan is to spotlight artists for full pieces, surrounded by the community compilation of Jingle Bells and other segments. Good Riddance, 2020: The Year-End Holi-Daze Sing-Along Mash-Up Fundraiser Spectacular Spectacular! will be released on December 18, 2020, available for free for the world. 
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Bad Jews

By: Joshua Harmon
May 15 - May 31
The night after their grandfather’s funeral, a Holocaust survivor, three cousins engage in a verbal, and sometimes physical, Battle Royale over a family heirloom. In one corner is Daphna Feygenbam, a “Super Jew.” In the other is her equally stubborn cousin Liam and stuck in the middle is Liam’s brother, Jonah, who tries to stay out of the fray. When Liam stakes claim to their grandfather's Chai necklace a vicious and hilarious brawl over family, faith, and legacy ensues. Join us for an audio only performance on Friday May 15th beginning at 7:30pm, and will be available for the remainder of May. Available through Podbean, Spotify and Apple Music.
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All My Sons

By: Arthur Miller
October 1 - October 18
America, 1947. Despite hard choices and even harder knocks, Joe and Kate Keller are a success story. They have built a home, raised two sons, and established a thriving business. But nothing lasts forever and their contented lives, already shadowed by the loss of their eldest boy to war, are about to shatter. With the return of a figure from the past, long-buried truths are forced to the surface and the price of their American dream is laid bare. New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play.
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By: Kristin Goodman
October 29 - November 15
In this world premiere of Kristin Goodman’s dark comedy, Brooke, a cunning social media influence mom, wrangles her younger sister, Chelsea, an unemployed alcoholic, into starring in a reality television show with her about based on their childhood so she can take her mom brand to the “next level.” As their TV show gains success, Chelsea is forced to confront her addiction and it cause, while Brooke struggles to fight off the emptiness that comes with working and living in an industry that breeds and feeds the insatiable. The two sisters discover that what connects them isn’t their past, but their innate human pursuit to search for meaning in a world that no longer seems to be real.
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The Night Before Christmas

By: Anthony Nielson
November 27 - December 20
This hilarious and razor-edged comedy about finding the true spirit of Christmas is more than just a merry romp, it's an un-merry extravaganza jam-packed with drugs, debauchery, and dirty jokes, all rolled in glitter. A brilliantly dark mash-up of South Park and Miracle on 34th Street by way of Scrooged, Gary's story unfolds in the warehouse he works in, as he grapples with a big (or actually quite little) secret that may well save him and, more importantly, Christmas itself. This show contains adult content and language.
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