(15% Savings + No Fees)


(15% Savings + No Fees)

For the 2023 Season we are offering two FlexPass subscription packages to help you engage with the vibrant programming at the Santa Fe Playhouse.

What is a FlexPass?

Flexible seating on a flexible schedule. FlexPass subscriptions let you decide where you want to sit and when you want to come, while paying one price to get nine tickets that can be used on all productions of the 2023 Season, including the Skeletal Series (Full Season FlexPass); or six tickets that can be used on our mainstage shows (Mainstage FlexPass).

Many flexible ways to use your tickets. Use all your tickets on one show with friends and family, come to all shows on your own, or see your favorite show multiple times.

FlexPass benefits include:

  • Waived ticket and handling fees
  • Discounted guest tickets
  • FREE exchanges
  • FREE access to behind-the-scenes events
  • FREE access to subscriber exclusive events
  • 15% Discounted tickets to additional programming
  • 15% Discount to Playhouse Studio classes