By a courageously anonymous team of local heroes at the Santa Fe Playhouse

Directed by Andrew Primm and Vaughn Irving

Audition Date: Group auditions by appointment. Plan to be there for the entire 2 hour block. To secure an audition slot please send an email to with your preferred date. Auditioners will be asked to improvise, sing and read selections from the script.

Saturday, July 13th, Noon – 2pm
Sunday, July 14th, 11am – 1pm

Audition Location:
The NEW Playhouse Workshops
3218 Calle Marie, Unit B
Santa Fe β€’ 87507

Production Dates:

Rehearsal: July 20 – August 21

Performances: August 23 – September 15th, Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2pm  (possibility of added performances on Sat. afternoons or Sun. evenings.  Extra pay will be provided in the case of added performances)

Pay – $200 stipend

In Attendance: Artistic Director Vaughn Irving; Director Andrew Primm

Preparation: Please come prepared to move, improvise, sing, and read selections from the script.


A Santa Fe Tradition since 1919, the Fiesta Melodrama is written every year to poke fun at local news events and politicians. This show will involve, broad comedy, improvisation and audience participation. That is all I am at liberty to say at this time.

Seeking a diverse cast. All ages, races, and genders encouraged to audition.


  • MLG – Governor/Prairie Dog/Narrator
  • Valerie Plame – Good Witch
  • Thoothana – Wicked Witch of the Southwest
  • Jamie Dorothy – Our Heroine
  • Sly N. Test – Villian from LA
  • Wack E. Toobman – One of those waving arm puppets
  • Vance Bieberino – Giant silver baby
  • Sad Coyote – A sad coyote
  • Rust Whitener – A β€œhelpful” mansplainer
  • The Wizard of Santa Fe – He lives in the Mayor’s office
  • Kid 1 – a kid
  • Kid 2 – another kid
  • Various Townspeople
  • Piano Player

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