2020 Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama: A Filmed Series 

Written By A Courageously Anonymous Team of Local Heroes

Directed by Robyn Rikoon and Andrew Primm

Audition Dates:

Saturday, August 8th, 11am – 4pm

Sunday, August 9th, 11am – 4pm

Audition Location: Zoom Room (link to be sent upon entry)

Production Dates:

Rehearsal: August 11 – August 21

Shooting: August 24 – September 3

Pay:                     $300 stipend (principles)

                   Background stipends to be decided.

In Attendance:       Directors Robyn Rikoon and Andrew Primm, Production Manager Annie Liu

Group auditions of 8 people in the Zoom Room at a time. To secure an audition slot please send an email to annie@santafeplayhouse.org with your preferred date and time slot. Time slot availability will be updated as slots are filled. 

Auditioners will be asked to improvise, sing, and read selections from the script. Nobody will be seen without an appointment excepting special circumstances. Additional slots will be added if necessary. This document will be updated as slots are filled. 

Saturday, 8/08Slots AvailableSunday, 8/09Slots Available
2:00-2:45PM 2:00-2:45PM

Preparation: Please come prepared to move, sing, improvise, and read selections from the script. 

Synopsis: A Santa Fe Tradition since 1919, the Fiesta Melodrama is written every year to poke fun at local news events and politicians. This scripted and videotaped show will involve broad comedy and be presented in episodic installments. There will also be live segments as intros and outros to the featured presentations.

The Santa Fe Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer. We are seeking a diverse, inclusive, and equitable cast. All ages, races, and genders are encouraged to audition. Characters written for binary genders can be played by any person of any gender identity.

L. Hefe Besos – Man, reads as older, white or white-passing, weird and wacky villain type. Power-hungry gentrifier. Parallel for Jeff Bezos. He takes the game Monopoly way too seriously every year and ruins Christmas for the entire family.

Karoldeen K. Petersenson – Woman, reads as younger, white or white-passing, married to El Jefe Besos but doesn’t even like him. A Classic Karen who appropriates the art of other cultures for her own personal gain. 

Gen O’Viva – Woman, any age, reads as native Northern New Mexican (1/64th Irish), single mom, fiery, tough. Panics in a crisis but holds it together, maybe too tightly, in all other situations. A true local who knows Santa Fe through and through. Political activist energy.

Salvador Trouser-Perrier – Man, any age, any race, ex-husband. He is our Troubadour. Pompous scaredy-cat, swaggery hero-type that refuses to fight. He thinks of himself as very very good-looking. 

Professor Liz Otero Warren – Woman, any age, any race, professor and historian. Parallel for both Nina Otero Warren (1920s suffragette) as well as Elizabeth Warren (2020 presidential candidate). A political wonk. Annoying know-it-all with a kind heart and soft touch. Like your sweet, braggy aunt.

Pino Georgio Kief – Man, reads as younger Meow Wolf artist-type, any race. Laid off artist, new to town but already loves Santa Fe. Simultaneously from the east and the west coast. Enthusiastic, pretentious, trendy. Is ready to fight for Santa Fe, even if he doesn’t know what that means.

The Time Wizard – Any gender, age, race. All-seeing, all-knowing, immortal entity who hoards tacos in their sleeves. Can fix everything in an instant, but just doesn’t see the fun in that. Gets their jollies by messing with silly humans and the very fabric of space-time itself. 

Minor characters:


Friar Pedraza

De Vargas

Spanish Soldier


Dona Tules


Patrick McCarty

Cathy McCarty


Cactus Man

Snooty French Server

Texan Lady



Sandia Man

3 Townspeople

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