June 18 and 25
10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Fee: $150/sliding scale

Ages: Adult (16 and up)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

About Vibrant Channel BreathworkTM

Vibrant Channel BreathworkTM combines several modalities of physical and vocal actor training, into a new form that offers the actor a way of working that is embodied, focused, specific, and connected to source. This technique effectively blends the actors’ impulse and emotional instrument with their intellect and understanding of character. The result is the creation of work that is spontaneous, released, and supported.

In the technique, the actor is trained to turn up the “volume” on their own physical and emotional experience (ie: sensation in the body), engaging with seven energetic centers which run along the spine, from the perineum to just above the skull. Students work with strategies to “unkink the hose”, so that the breath has access to the engagement of the transvers-us abdominus muscle group which supports healthy vocal production. They start with their own experience, and then

work to move into the character’s experience by using breath support and function in a technical way to work in conjunction with the given circumstances of a character.

Each of the seven energetic centers along the “vibrant channel” contain qualities that may be the experience of a character at any moment of the play that an actor can use technique to tap into at any time. The actor’s need to speak in role is connected to the depth of the breath, and the part of the transvers-us muscle that needs to engage in order to support sound energy commensurate with the stakes of the character in the moment. The emotional life of the character is also at play here, and sending breath/shape and form to these physical spaces can create a believable and embodied performance that is almost effortless when the actor is willing/able to let go of tightening in the jaw and the diaphragm area.

Support Systems of the Human Voice:

In the Vibrant Channel training, students start with a released, energized body, with optimal blood flow, and freedom of breath through the de-structuring sequence of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, and through partner alignment Skinner Releasing work. While working with text and character, I am particularly interested in the connections between the energy points, and have been working with the theory that there is a special connection between the energy centers that exists every two chakras along the focus line.

Benefits of the work:

Vibrant Channel Breathwork allows the actor to get out of their head, and into their body with action that is purely technical, but that hooks directly into the actors’ imagination, humanity, emotional instrument, and physical presence. Actors are given clear permission to “go there” when a character has the biggest need to speak, and a safe way in to accomplish the connection.

COVID-19 Precautions:

At the heart of The Playhouse’s return to live performances and classes, is the commitment to health and safety protocols that ensure live events are a safe and celebratory experience for the patrons, the artists, and the staff. Everyone, regardless of vaccine status, must wear a face mask at performances.

* Please note Playhouse Studios students will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or show proof of a negative test, within 24-48 hours of attending a class. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to serving you