April 26, 2021 - June 14, 2021

Santa Fe Playhouse is proud to announce a brand new education program, PLAYHOUSE STUDIOS!

The first class we are offering is an 8-week Scene Study course, beginning April 26th, with teaching artist L. Zane Jones.

See the calendar below for details on class dates and times. The full 8-week course cost is $400.

In this Studio there will be an emphasis on developing a consistent creative practice with the aim of gaining greater access to the artist’s imagination and instincts. An important course goal and learning outcome will be a stronger focus of attention within the fictional reality and a depth of insight into text and dramatic action with heightened organic responsivity.

The work in this Studio is aimed to support the cultivation of:

accessibility and sensitivity to fictional realities, personal creative freedom and expression as a commitment, replacing any and all concerns about impressing, showing or indicating with a clarity of purpose and process, and lastly the development of a professional work ethic. 

The course will offer each student the opportunity to practice, to experiment, and to explore their creative potential through intensive scene study, lectures and discussion.

STUDIO OBJECTIVE – To support the expansion of the actor’s capacity to imagine and express themselves in a fictional reality.

For more information about the course or the teacher, CLICK HERE.


April 2021

6:00 PM