August 10, 2022 - August 13, 2022

The Skeletal Series is a festival of new works by theater artists from around the country, mainly featuring solo performances, or solo-focused pieces. The Skeletal Series includes weekly SHOP/TALKS in which the visiting artists discuss works in progress with local artists and the audience.

Psalmayene 24 performs letters to a father he never really knew. In turns dramatic, gripping, and comedic, occasionally delivered as spoken-word poetry, the narrative chronicles the playwright’s creative coming-of-age, recalls his Brooklyn childhood, formative showbiz experiences, encounters with racism, and more. Psalm is a preeminent voice in hip hop theater and Mosaic Theater Company of DC’s Andrew W. Mellon playwright-in-residence.


Psalmayene 24Playwright and PerformerView Bio | View Website
Jabari ExumPercussionistView Bio | View Website

Artistic and Production Team

Original DirectorNatsu Onoda PowerView Bio | View Website


August 2022

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