Santa Fe Playhouse acknowledges the breath of those that came before us and all living animals, on the ground and above it. We acknowledge that the place we now call Santa Fe is still recognized as Oga Po’geh, meaning White Shell Water Place. Thousands of years ago, it was a center for the communities of Northern and Southern Tewa (often identified as Tanos).  The living memory and stories told by the people of Taytsúgeh Oweengeh (Tesuque Pueblo) hold profound meaning to this day. 

We recognize that this land is just one piece of a larger, boundless terrain for Indigenous peoples: the Nambe Pueblo; the Tewa and the Jicarilla Apache. It is a place where stories both past and present are entwined by the Diné (Navajo), Cochiti, Taos, and Hopi Pueblos. 

Please take a moment to consider the many legacies of violence, displacement, migration, and colonization that bring us together here today. This acknowledgement does not take the place of authentic relationships with Indigenous communities, but serves as a first step in honoring the land on which we are. Acknowledgment also requires holding both the beauty and pain, and supporting ongoing dialogue and sharing of story, all of which reflect a vibrant and equitable community. We are the stewards of this land, of its water and air and of each other. Our breath, like the breath of those that precede us, will be left for those that follow us.