by Lucy Kirkwood
directed by Catherine Lynch
July 18 – August 4

NSFW is a dark workplace comedy satirizing media attitudes to sexuality and personal privacy. In the office of a British men’s magazine, appropriately called “Doghouse”, disaster strikes when they discover that their amature centerfold is actually a non-consenting 14 year-old girl. This play takes off the gloves and tackles modern morality, the objectification of women (by both men and other women), and how the media culture perpetuates mistreatment. Wonderfully funny but with sharp teeth.

“Kirkwood’s writing is intelligent, insightful and rings with one-liners and zippy exchanges.”
Arts Desk

“A cracking piece… dramatically gripping… a richly absorbing and inventive play.”

“Timely, provocative… studded with moments of outrageous humour.”
Evening Standard