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L. Zane Jones

Intensive scene study is the core of excellent acting training.

Working with strong and challenging texts from plays – developing a consistent and diligent practice at home (Homework) – analysis of text and deep investigation of character, event, given circumstances and meaning in the world of story – is essential for the actor as they set out to grow and expand and improve their technique and work.

In this Studio there will be an emphasis on developing a consistent creative practice with the aim of gaining greater access to the artist’s imagination and instincts. An important course goal and learning outcome will be a stronger focus of attention within the fictional reality and a depth of insight into text and dramatic action with heightened organic responsivity. 

The work in this Studio is aimed to support the cultivation of: 

accessibility and sensitivity to fictional realities, personal creative freedom and expression as a commitment, replacing any and all concerns about impressing, showing or indicating with a clarity of purpose and process, and lastly the development of a professional work ethic. 

The course will offer each student the opportunity to practice, to experiment, and to explore their creative potential through intensive scene study, lectures and discussion.

STUDIO OBJECTIVETo support the expansion of the actor’s capacity to imagine and express themselves in a fictional reality

Truthful expression and depth of involvement are achieved through a daily commitment. It is the work of the actor to create an imagined reality, within which they will live  – to make the facts, as dictated by the playwright, true, through the use of the imagination and specific, detailed study of the relationships and subject matter in the play. 

The art of acting lies in surrendering, without judgment, to the circumstances at hand and committing fully with energy and conviction to the task at hand. 

“Everything is gestation and then bringing forth. To let each impression and each germ of a feeling come to completion wholly in itself, in the dark, in the inexpressible, the unconscious, beyond the reach of one’s own intelligence, and await with deep humility and patience the birth-hour of a new clarity: that alone is living the artist’s life: in understanding as in creating.”                 

– Rainier Maria Rilke

About L. Zane Jones

L. Zane Jones

Director/Actor/Teaching Artist

Teaching artist, professional acting coach and director, L. Zane Jones worked in Los Angeles and Seattle over the last 30 years. A member of the fulltime faculty at the University of Southern California and most recently at the University of Washington, Zane initially trained as an actor at the conservatory formerly known as the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago. She later moved to LA where, in addition to working as an actor in theatre, film and television, she began her directing and teaching career. After receiving an MFA in Directing from USC, Zane served as Director for the Summer Theatre Conservatory for High School students and was a recruiter for the USC BFA acting program for 16 years. Additionally, she co-founded and served as Artistic Director for two theatre companies: Workshop 360 in LA and CIVIC REP in Seattle.

Recent Theatre work:

Seattle Opera

AS ONE – Stage Director

CIVIC REP: Seattle

Artistic Director – Directed A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and THE TWO-CHARACTER PLAY, both by Tennessee Williams at the New City Theater. Played Hecuba in Caroline Bird’s contemporary adaptation of THE TROJAN WOMEN at The Slate Theatre. Curated and directed an evening of one-act plays by Tennessee Williams, DRAGON COUNTRY, at Open Space Canter for the Arts.

Workshop 360: Los Angeles

Artistic Director – Directed, produced and acted in: Caryl Churchill’s VINEGAR TOM, Euripides’ HECUBA, GUM and THE MOTHER OF MODERN CENSORSHIP, by Karen Hartman, and the West Coast Premieres of BETTY’S SUMMER VACATION by Christopher Durang, and FIRE EATER, by Brighde Mullins.