Always a fan favorite, Benchwarmers is now in its sixteenth year! Each year the Playhouse sends out a call for local playwrights to create a ten-minute one-act play for which the only set is a simple park bench. Join us for eight new plays and see what our local talent has created!

This year’s selections are:

Benchportals, by Katie Johnson
directed by Corbin Albaugh
featuring John Francis and Kendall Mac

Dorothy Touches Down, by Dianna A. Lewis
directed by Barbara Hatch
featuring Steven Oakey and Tallis Rose

For Lack of a Tail, by John Cullinan
directed by Gwen Lewis
featuring Marty Madden and BJ Stokey

Meet the Authors, by Talia Pura
directed by Karen Ryan
featuring Kathi Collins, Cindy Coulter, Marguerite Louise Scott, and Danette Sills

One Step Farther, by Jay Schecker
directed by Kathi Collins
featuring Iain May and Michael Stanton

Still Life with Tulips, by Richard Dargan
directed by Barry Hazen
featuring Ruben Muller, Lacey Bingham, and Eibhlin Brennan

The Scorpion and the Songbird, by Marguerite Louise Scott
directed by Talia Pura
featuring Felix Cordova and Sherry Engstrom

Waiting for Waiting for Godot, by Mark Friedman
directed by Ron Bloomberg
featuring David Trujillo, Marty Madden, BJ Stokey, and Bill Dupuy

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