When you are faced with an injustice, one which is so against basic human rights, what do you do? If you’re Ned Weeks, you fight back. You yell it from the rooftops, rally your friends, get the news outlets involved, and don’t stop until you’re heard. But what if you’re yelling into a void, where the powers-that-be are just not listening?

Written in the 1980s at the height of the AIDS epidemic, The Normal Heart is a historically based drama that follows Ned Weeks as he demands society’s attention to the increasing illness and deaths of gay men, including many friends and past lovers. This powerful piece tells the very personal and real stories of the lives caught up in the early years of the epidemic. Not only was there little information available, the government and public were not acknowledging the impending tragedy.

Lorri Layle Oliver, Hania Stocker, Welde Carmichael, Jeff Nell, Michael Stanton, David McConnell, Tristan Van Cleave, Noah Simpson, Jared Vasquez, Jim McGiffin, Mark Westberg, Joshua Billiter.

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