Theatre is alive. It grows. It evolves. And while the artform is as old as humanity itself, the essence of theatre is here and now. You witness a singular event every time you attend the theatre, and in the last hundred years Santa Fe Playhouse has provided over 8,000 unique theatrical experiences.

A play is created new every night and then it evaporates. This basic fact about theatre is what makes it such a dynamic art form. Whether you are seeing a brand new play, or a script from 500 years ago, no one has seen the performance you will tonight, and no one will ever see it again.

Whether you know it or not, you are a part of the experience when you attend live theatre. There is an exchange of ideas, energy, laughter, love, tension and release that moves from the artists to the audience and back again. No amount of streaming video can accomplish this regardless of how ‘interactive’ or ‘3D’ it becomes. Theatre is a social medium that embodies the human experience.

This balance between the old and the new, the classic and the contemporary, the ancient and the now, is at the heart of the work we do at the Santa Fe Playhouse. We use all the resources of this diverse community to bring dynamic, entertaining, and inspiring productions to life. We utilize the wisdom of experienced theatre professionals, and the vision and motivation of young artists just beginning their careers. Above all, we strive to maintain an open, welcoming space for everyone. A place where we can come together as a community and as the human race to participate in the experience that we call theatre.

Vaughn Irving, Artistic Director