Young Playwrights Project

For the last century, the Santa Fe Playhouse has been a mainstay of Santa Fe’s theater community. As the cornerstone of our educational outreach, we launched a new program in 2019, the Young Playwrights Project.

The mission of the Young Playwrights Project (YPP)— a fun, focused and free course on playwriting and creative expression leading to performance—is to use theater as a tool to serve unheard children and teens in the Santa Fe area. YPP was designed to engage and expand children’s literacy, life skills, conflict resolution, attitudes towards learning, and means of expression.

YPP Goals

  1. Provide students with a creative outlet to express their original voices through playwriting and acting, developing their individual competency, and stretching their imaginations and skillsets.
  2. Give the students the structured support of a creative community where all voices are valued and honored, and the opportunity to grow and mature within that creative space.
  3. Encourage the students to have fun while learning in a safe, supportive environment among peers and adult professionals.


Yes, FREE for young people ages 8-16. Through grants, fundraising, and donations, the Santa Fe Playhouse raises the funds required to support this program, including staff salaries, theater operating expenses, and administrative costs.