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The Importance of Being Earnest - 2018
The Happiest Song Plays Last
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The Happiest Song Plays Last

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For centuries, theater has been a way to look at humanity from different angles. It has been a space of catharsis and creative vision. Live theater and performance art are an exchange of energy between audience and artist. Mary Austin, the founder of the Santa Fe Playhouse, saw the theater as a way to share stories of what was happening in the world around her and to start conversations within her community. Through her meaningful and miraculous work, she brought greater visibility to euro-centric audiences of the realities of South Western Native American culture as well as advocate for the conservation of the wildlife of New Mexico. Mary Austin is the reason The Playhouse is alive today and it is part of our mission is to continue her work. It is our mission to create a context in which difficult and expanding conversations can take place within a container of compassion, kindness, and empowerment.

Robyn Rikoon, Artistic Director

The Santa Fe Playhouse Presents: The 2020 Fiesta Melodrama

The 3rd Annual 99th Annual Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama is coming to you as a web-series!

This year’s Melodrama will be entirely filmed and released episodically online, every Thursday, at 7:00 PM MST until October 15th.

Episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays at the same time each week, LIVE and for FREE. If you miss our live events: don’t worry! You will be able to access the episodes after their air time for a small fee of $4.99. You may also purchase the entire 6-episode series plus bonus content for $30!

Click here to watch our Official Trailer! If you like what you see, Episode One will be up for free on our YouTube channel for you to watch whenever you’d like until October 1st, when Episode 4 will be released.

If you miss the live showings, you can order the episode after 7 PM, or the entire series, on through our Vimeo Channel. CLICK HERE for more details. 
Our Villains: A gentrifying power-couple seeking to take control of our City Different and turn it into a City “Normal.”  No happiness, no culture, and the unthinkable: NO GREEN CHILE!

Our Heroes: A wacky group of locals whose love for Santa Fe withstands the tests of time.

Our Question: By traveling through “his-story” can our Heroes pull Santa Fe out of the Darkest Timeline?

Join us on the quest to SAVE SANTA FE!

And be sure to check out our Blog for weekly dramaturgy packets explaining the history, culture, and local jokes and references to go hand in hand with each episode!d

2020 Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama Episode One: What’s Fiesta?

Thanks so much for checking out Episode 1: What’s Fiesta? This is the first of our series of 6 episodes...

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