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The Happiest Song Plays Last - 2019

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Santa Fe Playhouse acknowledges the breath of those that came before us and all living animals, on the ground and above it. We acknowledge that the place we now call Santa Fe is still recognized as Oga Po’geh, meaning White Shell Water Place. Thousands of years ago, it was a center for the communities of Northern and Southern Tewa (often identified as Tanos). The living memory and stories told by the people of Taytsúgeh Oweengeh (Tesuque Pueblo) hold profound meaning to this day. We recognize that this land is just one piece of a larger, boundless terrain for Indigenous peoples: the Nambe Pueblo; the Tewa and the Jicarilla Apache. It is a place where stories both past and present are entwined by the Diné (Navajo), Cochiti, Taos, and Hopi Pueblos. Please click through to our About > Land Acknowledgement page for the full acknowledgement and list of Indigenous resources.

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The White Liars by Peter Shaffer

Directed by David Carter

The White Liars is being produced by Santa Fe Playhouse as a Radio Play for release in mid-April 2021. The White Liars depicts a fateful encounter between a down-and-out fortune teller, a rock musician, and his agent. The agent bribes Baroness Lemberg to fake some hocus-pocus over a crystal ball, ostensibly to discourage the musician from pursuing his girlfriend. The trickery entangles each of them in a dense web of mendacity.

Time Commitment: March 9th – 23rd, 2021

Rehearsals will be a mix of live and Zoom rehearsals, and recording sessions will take place live on the Santa Fe Playhouse stage. The rehearsal and recording schedule within the two week period will be determined based on cast and crew availability. 


SOPHIE ($200) – Baroness Lemberg. Palmist. Clairvoyante. She is a woman of fifty, once beautiful and still handsome, dressed as a professional working woman. When she speaks her voice is marked by a strong but never incomprehensible German accent. 

FRANK ($200) – A music manager. Producer and/or Agent. Middle class, soft-spoken, and gentle his manner is shy, warm and immediately likable. Must be able to speak with an RP dialect.

TOM ($200) – Singer. Musician. Wears his hair long, and slumps about. He speaks in a heavy North Country accent. Must be able to do a North Country Yorkshire accent and a standard RP or London accent.

Sides for each character are attached below. If you are interested in any of the above roles, please email annie@santafeplayhouse.org by Tuesday, March 2nd with the following:

  • Subject Line: Your Name – White Liars Submission
  • An audio-only recording of your audition entitled “Your_Name White Liars Submission” – if you need assistance with this, please let us know.
  • Your resume. No headshots necessary, this is radio! 
  • Your general availability for the next 3 weeks (through March 23).

FRANK – Starts: “Well, that’s it.” | Ends: “I’ve got to get him out!”

SOPHIE – Starts: “One moment please!” | Ends: “Give me the envelope.”

TOM – Starts: “Yes, but to me.” | Ends: “She cried the first night we ever…”


Recording Artist ($100/day)

  • The recording artist must record and live-mix the audio of the play and deliver takes to the editor in a timely manner.
  • The recording artist will work closely with the director and actors to ensure the best quality product possible. 
  • Time commitment: 4 days minimum for tech rehearsals and final recordings. 

Post-Production Sound Editor ($500) 

  • The post-production sound editor must edit and mix the vocals, sound effects, and any other audio into one cohesive piece which is the final product. 
  • They must be able to deliver drafts, meet deadlines, and take notes well and in a timely manner.
  • There are 3 weeks and 2 days after recording finishes to allow for the edit. 

Sound Designer ($250)

  • The sound designer will design the sound effects and soundscape of the piece. The designer will work with the director to build the world of The White Liars with sound.
  • The sound designer must be able to deliver drafts, meet deadlines, and take notes well and in a timely manner. 

Any combination of these 3 positions could be filled by the same person, and ideally will be filled by one right person. Should one applicant be considered for all 3 or any combination of these positions, they will be paid according to these rates. The Post-Production Sound Editor and Sound Designer may be remote. The Recording Artist must be present at the Santa Fe Playhouse for live recordings.

Santa Fe Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to cultivating a deep and wide reach in order to connect with prospective employees who have varied experiences and skills, a collaborative attitude, and the desire for growth. Santa Fe Playhouse seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of our commitment to create an antiracist, socially just, and inclusive presence in O’ga Po’geh and all Northern New Mexican communities. Santa Fe Playhouse recognizes that certain identities and voices are historically under- and misrepresented in the theater industry, and actively seeks to rectify that imbalance in our communities through inclusive hiring practices. Santa Fe Playhouse values diverse life experiences and believes them to be a core aspect of our organizational mission and all collaborative experiences.

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