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The Happiest Song Plays Last

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For centuries, theater has been a way to look at humanity from different angles. It has been a space of catharsis and creative vision. Live theater and performance art are an exchange of energy between audience and artist. Mary Austin, the founder of the Santa Fe Playhouse, saw the theater as a way to share stories of what was happening in the world around her and to start conversations within her community. Through her meaningful and miraculous work, she brought greater visibility to euro-centric audiences of the realities of South Western Native American culture as well as advocate for the conservation of the wildlife of New Mexico. Mary Austin is the reason The Playhouse is alive today and it is part of our mission is to continue her work. It is our mission to create a context in which difficult and expanding conversations can take place within a container of compassion, kindness, and empowerment.

Robyn Rikoon, Artistic Director

The Santa Fe Playhouse stands in support and in solidarity with our black and brown brothers, sisters, siblings, mothers, and fathers, protesting for their lives right now, for the past month, and for the last 400 years of oppression.

We see you, we hear you, and we love you.

The Santa Fe Playhouse has always been a theater that practices inclusivity and equity. We pride ourselves on our open-door policy, and on our seasonal production of plays that confront the audience’s internal biases and preconceived notions. We challenge our patrons to leave their biases at the door, and to open their hearts and minds to new and different ideas. We challenge ourselves, as a company and as individuals, to uplift marginalized voices and create a growing conversation about equity and equality.

As theatre makers and as artists, we are hindered right now by our inability to gather our audiences and our community to have these discussions, to process our world as we know it, and to rise up against an oppressive past and present.

But we will not be silent – we cannot be silent in the face of systemic oppression.

Our hearts are with those on the front lines right now, fighting for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We wish you all safety and comfort, and we know that that cannot be until many are made uncomfortable. We can never understand your pain, your trauma, but we will stand with you.

In a city like Santa Fe, sometimes we become blind to the problems of bigger cities, and more diverse areas. It’s easy for Santa Feans to look the other way, but we cannot and will not. We challenge our fellow Santa Feans, our community, to do the same.

The Playhouse stands with you in support, in solidarity, in light and in love.

If you are looking for ways to support, turn to your local black-led activism organizations. Sign petitions, donate to funds, call your county commissioners to demand justice, and please donate to your local bail funds.



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