September 10, 2020 - December 31, 2020

In the Spirit of Giving, we are re-releasing the The 3rd Annual 99th Annual Fiesta Melodrama through the New Year!

All those jokes you love to groan at will now be immortalized for all time as a web series and film.

Santa Fe has found itself in the Darkest Timeline: a horrible place with no happiness, no culture, and the unthinkable: no green chile! The only ones willing to stand up to our villain are a part-time convenience store clerk, an out-of-work musician, a laid-off immersive artist, and a suffering suffragette. Together our band of accidental heroes must travel through time using a magic portál to defeat the money-grubbing, mayonnaise-loving, gentrifying villain, L. Hefe Besos, and his art-appropriating wife – whose middle name is coincidentally Karen. Will they save the day? Which day, in which time? Who knows?

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If you can support this work we ask that you Order the entire Melodrama Series, visit our Vimeo page, HERE. It’s only a few bucks, and we really could use it right about now!


Gabriella Ottersberg EnriquezGen O'VivaView Bio | View Website
Nick PeltonSalvador Trouser-PerrierView Bio
Kay TorresLiz Otero WarrenView Bio
Jasper KeenPino Georgio KiefView Bio | View Website
Ali TallmanKaroldeen K. PetersensonView Bio | View Website
Freedom HopkinsThe Time WizardView Bio | View Website
BJ StokeyTownspersonView Bio
Andee BakerTownspersonView Bio | View Website

Artistic and Production Team

DirectorRobyn Rikoon
Co-Director, Director of Photography, EditorAndy Primm
MusicianDavid GeistView Bio | View Website
Trumpet PlayerChar RothschildView Bio
Props DesignerHenri PreissView Bio
Props Designer, SFXDanielle MontanariView Bio
Audio EngineerCassie Cohn
Boom Operator, Sound AssistantSky AdamsView Bio | View Website
Costume DesignerIsabel Madley
Scenic DesignerDavid Carter
Assistant Director, Lighting Designer, Sound DesignerAnnie Liu


September 2020

7:00 PM
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