“Santa Fe Playhouse’s centennial season reflects what the world has gone through during the past two years—from medical terror, to psychological upheaval, to reckoning with racism and social justice. Coming out of this pandemic, we not only have to redefine what ‘normal’ means; we have to open ourselves up to the possibility that there is no ‘normal.’ These plays remind us that life is messy and undefined no matter who we are, or what control we think we have. It is up to us to choose how to respond. What we hope is that there is an activation of kindness and compassion that comes with witnessing these particular stories, both within our audiences and artists.”

Robyn Rikoon | Artistic Director

The Effect

Mar 10 – Apr 3, 22
Connie and Tristan meet at a medical drug trial and their chemistry is immediately palpable — but is it real, or a side-effect of a new antidepressant? In this dark, pill-popping comedy, the pair’s illicit romance forces the supervising doctors to confront the ethical consequences of their work and their personal life decisions. The action moves quickly and takes place in multiple settings; boundaries blur, and time and space distort.
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Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance

Apr 21 – May 22, 22
In Edward Albee’s 1967 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama familial tensions flare as denial, delusion, and inebriation set the stage for Albee’s brilliant satire of America’s upper class.
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Jun 16 – Jul 10, 22
In this 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist, Everybody is getting ready to die, and Somebody must help them account for their life. Love and Death show up for the party. Can God be far behind? Reflecting the maddeningly arbitrary nature of life and death, actors memorize all the parts and are assigned roles via a live lottery drawing at the beginning of each performance. Join us to laugh until you weep.
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Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama

Aug 25 – Sep 18, 22
Santa Fe Playhouse has been skewering and roasting the City Different for 100 years. Politicians, public-school policy, police, and the press are all fair game, as are cherished local traditions. Our centennial offering will be extra-special, complete with keepsakes and memorabilia.
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The Mountaintop

Sep 22 – Oct 16, 22
The night before his 1968 assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr. retires to the Lorraine Hotel after delivering his last impassioned speech, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” He flirts with a comely room-service maid, whose agenda is greater than a simple meal. As their conversation deepens, true intentions come to light in a story about racism and justice, the divergent paths of legacy, and how a great man is also a human being. Although it is structured like a traditional play, The Mountaintop is steeped in magical realism and symbolism.
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An Iliad

Oct 29 – Nov 10, 22
In the midst of dinner, a wandering bard strolls into the restaurant to tell a wondrous story of war. In this retelling of Homer’s epic Iliad, a world-weary poet tells a wrenching, timeless tale of the Trojan War, of bravery, blood, and the heat of battle.
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Frog and Toad

A Year with Frog and Toad

Dec 1 – Dec 23, 22
EXTENDED! NOW PLAYING THROUGH DECEMBER 23. Literature’s favorite amphibians jump from the page to the stage in this beloved musical production for young audiences. Based on Arnold Lobel’s well-loved books, A Year with Frog and Toad is a whimsical holiday show that follows two great friends — the cheerful, beloved Frog and the rather grumpy Toad. Celebrate the holidays with this heartwarming classic, perfect for the whole family.
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Additional Programming

SWAIA Performances

Curated by Goiyo Perez and Robyn Rikoon

February – November

Two iconic Santa Fe non-profit organizations come together to showcase local, regional, and national indigenous performing talent on the historic stage of the Santa Fe Playhouse. Curated by Goiyo Perez for SWAIA, in collaboration with Santa Fe Playhouse’s artistic director, Robyn Rikoon, these installations feature musicians, dancers, poets, and other performing artists, as well as visual artists and other Indigenous artisans.

Skeletal Series

July – August

Solo shows by local and national playwrights and performers.

An Iliad

Written by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare

October 25 – November 12

Homer’s epic, borne on the backs of gods and warriors, dismantled and reconstructed by modern playwrights and actors. In this co-production between Santa Fe Playhouse and North Carolina’s RhinoLeap Productions, a world-weary poet tells a wrenching, timeless tale of the Trojan War, of bravery and blood and the heat of battle.